Comment: stop preaching to the quire.

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stop preaching to the quire.

You aren't saying anything people on the DP don't already know and haven't already thought about....c'mon now, this is the dailypaul, not some fox or msdnc forum. I don't recall pledging undying support for Rand. It was a simple comment acknowledging that I prefer Rand's latest public comments. Chillax and stop trying to be the worlds biggest hater all the time.

We get it, you are still hurt. We get it you don't like Rand. Not one DPer liked the endorsement. But when Rand does speak language I agree with, I will be more then happy to acknowledge it. Just like when I make pissy comments on the DP when he says crap I don;t like. So what, we should only bash Rand even when he says stuff that makes sense? ....that sounds productive and helpful to our cause lol.