Comment: I'm in the RepibliCAN Ron Paul rEVOLution

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I'm in the RepibliCAN Ron Paul rEVOLution

The Ron Paul RepubliCAN rEVOLution is part of the Liberty Movement, but the Liberty Movement is not part of the RepubliCAN Ron Paul rEVOLution. The Liberty Movement likes to do things in the name of Ron Paul, while the RepubliCAN Ron Paul rEVOLution prefers Restoring the Republic to constitutional government in the party Ron Paul selected, the GOP.

You are not ready, willing or able to join the RepubliCAN Ron Paul rEVOLution in the RepubliCAN Party taking the estbalishment by becoming it.. apparently you have other ideas than Ron Paul's, that you believe in more strongly that Ron Paul's. Plenty of people like Ron Paul's message, "BUT". Have all the rock concerts and body surfing, sign waving, petitioning you want.. Be safe, find peace and happiness and absolutely live your life believing in yourself and what you are doing.. Ron Paul RepubliCANs in the GOP will be fighting to Restore the Republic from inside the GOP, with or without you.