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We, this is the kind of

We, this is the kind of conversation that is helpful to me and I appreciate the time you have taken to give a thoughtful reply. Could you please consider my thoughts to your reply. They are my thoughts...this is the way my mind is working. If I need to think differently how am I supposed to know if I do not say what I am thinking?

We, who says a scattered vote is ignored? The truth of the matter may be that no voted is any longer counted because crime has become so strong some “preemptive nominee” will be the president just like we saw happen in the republican party. My gosh, aren't the votes counted in Spain or some crazy thing like that. Didn't some Union write the programming? I am at the point of asking whether voting is even real.

Johnson supports viability. People are questioning these days whether a 2 year old is viable. Viability is a slippery slope.

Ron Paul was going to allow competition to end the Fed. A 23% fair tax is not competition it is compulsion. To me the reason we are slowly becoming weaker and weaker as a nation of Liberty and Justice is because we are forced to pay for our own demise. I would rather see the states tax and give the federal government money to do the states bidding. Instead we send our money to the federal government and that government tells us what hoops we have to jump thru to get some of that money back. That is backwards. Will the fair tax be collected at a state or federal level?