Comment: Have you listened to Romney?

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Have you listened to Romney?

Have you listened to Romney? He's the guy who signed Romneycare into law in MA. Trying to get republicans opposed to it, to "understand" that he "had" to do it because of a Democrat controlled state senate.

Why would anyone believe he won't pull the same stunt again? Even now, in CAMPAIGN mode, he speaks of "keeping the good parts blah, blah...?"

In DC, with the current crop of players, there is never a clean repeal. It's always compromises, that the PR spinsters then try to massage into a "win" for constituents of both parties. Therefore, you'll never get an "aha, Romney didn't repeal, I'm voting for Paul next time" moment. Instead, you'll get a bunch of half assed platitudes about how it would have been even worse "if the other guy won."

Just as with the bailouts. Despite the economy being in shambles, the well indoctrinated respond according to plan to the tripe about "It would be even worse without it." Just like "It would have been even worse in the thirties if governments hadn't doubled in size." never mind that exactly what could be worse than WW2 is never really stated.

So, to set up Rand, or someone further from Obama that Romney, for 2016, it's much better to vote for a third party that is closer to Rand, even if all we accomplish is having Romney lose to someone at least as bad as Romney. Those who nominate GOP candidates need to know that unless they nominate someone that meaningfully differs from Obama on some other issue than skin color, they will forever and ever thereafter, lose. While, if they nominate someone like Rand, they'll get a pile of very enthusiastic voters for free.