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The first time I heard him say he had worked for FEMA and other Emergency Management Associations I was rather skeptical of Santa, but then i got to thinking about the mentality we all have when it comes to deciding how we vote. There are three types of people who actually vote . There are those who vote for/against such and such b/c they KNOW who they are (the fastest growing block of the electorate). Those who vote for/against b/c they merely like or dislike their positions on certain issues (which I think makes up the least amount of the electorate). Or Those who vote just because they are drones to the 2 party system (At least 50% fall under this category but is decreasing). It is prudent that we change the way we see the process and work on getting notoriety by all means necessary. We are running out of options and fast. We have to play the numbers and not the positions. Consistent Education is the Number One priority of this Movement for sure, but Number Two is getting people into position to make a stand. Santa Could be a strong ally in the cause. Imagine, if he got into a national debate in the future. Who is going to be able to argue with Santa Claus? How are the media and corporations going to be able to shaft Ol' Saint Nick? They Created him for God sakes! The Kids will eat it up. Maybe even get involved. Which would be a BIG Milestone For The Movement. The moms will think it is "just the cutest thing" and get more involved. Just THINK about it!!!! As the "Powers that Be" continue to Silence, Co-opt, and divide & conquer our movement, we run out of Kinetic energy. We need more Potential if we wish to survive!

Step outside the box and you may be able to see the future.

~Good Night, And Good Luck~