Comment: What am I missing?

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What am I missing?

Firstly, she sounds like a left-anarchist, not someone for whom I have any sympathy at the level of political ideology.

Secondly, it sounds like the police and the DA are going through the proper channels: search warrants, grand jury, etc. I don't see how her rights are being violated. Now, maybe she is innocent and this is a witch-hunt, but that's what trials are for, eh?

And grand juries are always somewhat "secretive," in that they aren't open to the public, and the accused is not necessarily invited to participate.

The grand jury may call witnesses, require sworn testimony, and demand that records and other evidence be produced in addition to whatever evidence or information is provided by the state's attorney. The grand jury may call on either the state's attorney or the judge to seek advice concerning law and legal procedure.

Because grand jury proceedings are not open to public, the only person permitted to attend its sessions is a witness called to testify. Even the state's attorney and judge may not be present while the grand jury is discussing or voting on a case.

After its investigation, the grand jury can return an indictment (a statement charging that a crime has been committed) or determine that no crime has been committed. Under an indictment, the defendant is brought before a circuit judge for arraignment and trial.

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