Comment: "as long they want to get rid of all government; who cares?"

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"as long they want to get rid of all government; who cares?"

...I care. I don't want a bunch of deranged left-anarchists running around trying to overturn the property-regime, and causing mass chaos, which only encourages the State to crack down, or an even worse State to rise up. That they are well-intentioned (i.e. those of them that aren't agents provocateur) is small consolation.

Those who are less left, or is that less wrong, just have to remember to arm up sufficiently. So that, by the time the left leaning figures out that economics is a basic science, and inevitably give up on anarchism for totalitarianism, any wannabe totalitarian and his supporters, can be summarily disposed of.

Exactly, at best the left-anarchists will cause chaos (which tends to unleash illiberal sentiments among the masses in general), and at worst, if they ever got to imposing a political programme, they'd bring about totalitarian socialism. And not even the kinder, gentler socialism of the USSR in its later phase, I'm talking the "war communism" of the Bolsheviks, which is what happens when idiot-utopian socialists discover their idiotic utopian visions are impossible and react by trying to overpower economic laws with brute force.

...No thank you. They get no sympathy or support from me. I think it is a serious strategic mistake for propertarian anarchists (anarcho-capitalists) to think they can forge any kind of alliance with left-anarchists.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."