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That was the intent...

That was the intent of the Founding Fathers when they wrote the US constitution. The problem is that such a form of government requires an intelligent and educated population, something we do not have in this country. Most people think that the federal government is allowed to do whatever it pleases as long as such actions are not prohibited by the US constitution. They have it 100% backwards. The federal government is ONLY allowed to do what the US constitution explicitly states it has authority to do and the tenth amendment makes it clear that the federal government has no authority to do ANYTHING that is not explicitly delineated in the US constitution.

My father used to say to me: "Mark, half the people in the US have below average intelligence and average is not too good to begin with."

A republican (constitution-based) government protects the rights of the minority from the whims of the masses. A democracy allows "majority rule" to abuse minorities. That is why there has been an active effort to democratize the USA, all to our detriment.