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Search warrants for "anti

Search warrants for "anti government literature"? Property crimes?

Besides, we are talking about the FBI here. Sending 80 agents after this girl and her boyfriend. On my tax dime.

Seriously, if whomever windows she supposedly broke is so pissed off at her, they really ought to fund that particular posse on their own.

One of, perhaps the only, definitely the biggest, blind spots so called "right" anarchists / libertarians whatnot seem to suffer from, is the blind faith that it is good and proper for government to "protect private property." As if that is some nuance less statement. While having a government that goes some ways towards maintaining order is probably a good thing, robbing each and every citizen of their last penny, to be maximally sure that not one single child is ever able to steal one pack of gum, is completely counterproductive. As is spending a few million of other people's money, on these attention seekers.

On top of that, idiocy like this gives the thugs getting well paid to play this game more excuses to drum up ever more reasons why they are "needed."

Back in the civilized era, if someone slighted you badly enough, you'd ride into town and see if you could round up a posse that sympathized with you. Or was willing to ride with you for pay. Were that still the case, don't you think the window owner who is supposedly getting restitution by this idiotic witch hunt, would be better served protecting his precious windows a little better? But hey, as long as I'm the one having to fund the raid though my taxes; he's probably thinking, why not? It ain't my millions.