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Hi Bear,

don't let him get you so upset. I think you are such a sweetheart and you are always so kind and thoughtful in all of your comments, you don't deserve to be treated that way. WE and others like him basically are just trying to tell others who don't agree with them that they are somehow hurting the liberty movement because they won't set aside their principles and hold their noses and vote for Gary Johnson, and that simply is an untrue and unfair assertion for them to be making.

Asking why Ron Paul has not endorsed Gary Johnson is a very good question to be asking and these kind of questions are turned into personal attacks simply because there is no other answer than Ron Paul does not believe Gary Johnson deserves his endorsement, or clearly he would have given it to him already. I know that you are a sincere, liberty loving individual as I am sure many others on this site do, and no one has the right to belittle you just for asking legitimate questions about the person that they are trying to convince you to vote for. Vote your principles bear, just like the man we all love and support, Ron Paul, has done all of his life. I am writing in Ron Paul myself because in my mind, he is the only one that I can in good conscience vote for.