Comment: I got carded for NyQuil

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I got carded for NyQuil

Once and didn't have an ID. I too am balding. The cashier said she couldn't sell it to me; a cold medicine like nyquil with whatever makes you sleepy and whatever stops a cough.

I asked to talk to the manager and he said they have to card for anything related to cough and cold due to druggies making dope. So I look at the bottle and tell him there is nothing in here that could be a precursor (eg sudafed which does.)

I said any idiot who's been trained to restrict pseudo-fed (hah, what a funny name) knows that the product I was buying not did not contain that medicine, and even if it did, it's a liquid with suspended medicine and all kinds of other stuff in it and preservatives and stuff. I said on top of that I can't take it because it makes me feel really bad. I've never been able to take it.

He said he couldn't be of any help, company policy, whatever. I was visibly sick. So I told him that he should educate himself on company policy and I would be taking my business elsewhere after I buy this soup and cough drops.

Once I got home I looked in my bag and the cashier either knowingly or unknowingly put the medicine in my bag and didn't ring it up.