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I'm always a little creeped out when I'm being tracked.

I'm not quite following the third-world 90's "Hate on hate on playa."
Does the raped "hate" the rapist?
Does the victim of theft "hate" the thief?
Does the cheated spouse "hate" the cheating spouse?
I think what you're attempting (and failing) to do is INVERT the situation to make ME the "problem," and not the liar sellout Rand Paul. Leftist of many, many special interest groups do the same. It's a standard tactic.

"but not everyone who does like rand is a co-opted GOP traitor from the depths of hell."
Hmmm... I don't recall saying that, nor insinuating that. But after DECADES of dealing with FAKE-conservatives, FAKE-Christians, FAKE-TEA and FAKE-Liberty folks... I can claim a pretty sharp radar.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.