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It's not my story -- it's hers.

Read her blog. That's what she says, down in the second paragraph:

I returned to the Grand Jury on September 13th where I was granted immunity. When you are granted immunity, you lose your right to remain silent and can be thrown into prison for civil contempt.

I don't know personally, but I have heard, that this use of "immunity" is a common practice. Investigations like this are "fishing expeditions," and grants of immunity are "bait." As soon as someone pleads the 5th Amendment, the prosecutor offers them full or conditional immunity, in order to compel testimony he can use to prosecute other members of the group. The use of the 5th Amendment is like a red flag, telling the inquisitors that they've caught someone who's guilty of something -- and who therefore CAN spill the beans about her co-conspirators. Granted immunity = bean can-opener.

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