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Get Around the Carding

I don't drink, but I play video games. A new "Barcade" opened near me, at 5pm they open their bar which means they ask everyone there playing video games for their ID or ask them to leave.
Of course I don't have an ID, because it's against my beliefs. I simply tell them I'm over 21. At this point they can ask me to sign a paper stating that I am over 21 and if anyone from their liquor license place bothers them about it then I am held responsible for any fines, not them.

There's a few other ways out like if your spouse is over 21 then it's perfectly fine. A parent can even bring their kid into the bar and buy them a drink, if the parent is ok with it then it's perfectly acceptable to the liquor license biz.

There should be absolutely nothing illegal about buying/selling liquor, these kinds of rules are in place by liquor boards, and I'm unsure if it's a state business or a national organization, but the Constitution trumps anything they can throw at the people. Just remember that.