Comment: Yes, and this is strange

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Yes, and this is strange

A couple of weeks ago I went to Wal-Mart to have a new battery installed in my car. Outside the garage area the service man had a handheld computer. He checked my drivers licence, confirmed my address and asked my phone number. I gave it and he ask me if I was (unknown name)while reading the computer. I said no. You just saw my name on my license. Then he used a scanner to scan my VIN number on my car, walked to the rear and entered my tag number. He then measured the tread on my tires and entered that info in. I wondered if they were checking for stolen vehicles or something. I asked him why he was getting all the info and I was told it is now Wal-Mart policy. I wonder if all of this info is going to some government data base somewhere. All this for a new battery?