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Comment: Why do you consider it strange...

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Why do you consider it strange...

...that people would want to use evergreens as decorations during winter time? Year-round, people use beautiful imagery from nature to celebrate the seasons, and during the cold, dreary winter, the evergreen stands out as something beautiful in nature that warms the heart.

I think you are confusing nature-worship with nature-imagery inspiring worship of the Creator. Of course, pagans would use evergreens at winter time in their nature-worshipping ceremonies. But why does that then ruin the use of beautiful evergreens during winter for everyone else who doesn't use it for such purposes? That's ridiculous to project the pagan ritual onto what we do ourselves with our evergreens.

The Bible is full of imagery from nature being used as inspiration for worshipping the Creator, so I see nothing inherently wrong with using evergreens in this fashion.

And it's plain as day when you read verses 5 and following in this chapter you cite that this is talking about trees being carved into statues that don't speak and have to be carried around. Yes, a Christmas tree can be made an idol, but it doesn't have to be.

Hmmm...perhaps you should be considering these verses in another way. Isn't it wrong to go into the 'forest' of Scripture, chop down a 'tree' of four verses, drag it unnaturally out of context, decorate it with your interpretation of choice once it's been separated from its natural state, and fix it in place so it won't move by closing your mind off to any argument to the contrary? Sorry, I won't bow down to the idol of your twisted interpretation that you have set up as gospel truth.