Comment: It was fair worse that part I - the cast is terrible

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It was fair worse that part I - the cast is terrible

Let me start by saying I love Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged. I agree with everything in the book. So I am a fan I am not a progressive big government tool. With that said I went to see the 9:40 show on Friday when my family was home sleeping. I didn't want to not be counted for the opening day. In addition I have watched Atlas I numerous times and enjoy watching it - the final scene is incredibly moving. And I know Part I had its faults and was low budget but it was still very watchable.

I am afraid part II is a bad movie experience and it has nothing to do with the book. The work still speaks for iteself IF IF IF the crowd will understand it which they likely won't. Either way the movie felt cheaper than part I. The cast was TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE. The only one that was better was Mouch and maybe James Tagert was a push - otherwise everyone else was BAD. Dagney was terrible. Hank terrible. And maybe the worst was Francisco his money speech was laughable. Honestly the acting is bad.

In addition the screenwriting wasn't great. The disappearance parts were so much weaker than part I.

Also the score (music) was terrible in my opinion.

I was kind of bummed when I left the movie, a few scenes were great because of the content - the court scene and train scene I felt were powerful. The rest eghh.

I doubt it will play in broad release next weekend. Sad but I am being honest.