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I only shopped at Wally World once

And that was to return a battery I didn't buy from them and told them it didn't last the lifetime on the sticker. They issued me a new battery for free. I don't know if they still do that but they did about 3 or 4 years ago. So I guess I never actually shopped there, just got a free battery. No receipt or ID needed. Told them I lost it. I just took it to the return area. It was my friends car and he didn't know where the battery came from. I was just hoping for a cheaper battery but I got one for free and scored one against Wally World. I NEVER shop at that (well insert a curse word) hole.

They are evil. They don't pay employees jack. Not even enough to buy their cheap china junk. My mom shops there and I tell her never to buy anything for me there. There is a two reasons their price is low. 1st is they are huge. Can't hold that against them. 2nd is because they pay poor wages. That's probably how they became huge.

Small businesses are shrinking. We don't have the same purchasing power as in the past. But I make due with less, buy stuff second hand and the worst thing I do is buy groceries from Lucky's. We don't have any local mom and pop shops other than an indian grocer who I do purchase basic things from. But to be honest I don't think they keep their money domestic.

If the owner of WalMart/Sam's Club was such a saint he would pay enough money to buy their products made in the US much like Henry Ford paid his employees enough to buy his cars. I have an inherited 1929 Model A that runs perfect and cost $63 in 1964.