Comment: It does contain a trace amount of ethanol

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It does contain a trace amount of ethanol

But very little. There's no way you could get intoxicated from it. I chug a bottle of kombucha tea before running.

Kids can't take advil or drink kombucha but Ritalin or Adderal (literally speed/crank whatever you want to call it) is fine?

When I was in France I saw little kids drinking watered down wine. Here, when in our little italy, my italian friends pour an oz or so of wine in a cup and fill up the rest with water on weekends for their kids. I think it's good, removes a stigma, and teaches moderation.

My kids school tried to make me put him on ritalin and I took one to see what would happen to my kid and immediately destroyed the rest. I just lied to the school and told him to tell them he was taking the stuff (at first I just gave him b-12 pills) and suddenly he worked much better. Meaning the teacher thought he was on meds and thought he was doing better. His grades even improved. But no work he did improved.

Didn't hitler use amphetamines himself and on his troops?

This is getting crazy. ID badges on kids, sometimes with RFID chips, no advil, no kombucha but amphetamines are allowed. Kombucha tea is really good for you and will make you feel great. I highly recommend it for you and your children. My ilk doesn't like kombucha, unfortunately. But as long as he eats the healthy lunch I pack, that's okay with me. School lunches are the same garbage fed to prisoners. Literally.