Comment: Nice post. Thoughtful. I entirely agree

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Nice post. Thoughtful. I entirely agree

Nice post. Thoughtful. I entirely agree with your point.

I, too, have the uttermost difficulties in understanding The Granger's line of thinking, but I'd never, ever advocate or support any sort of ban or unfair discredit of her speech (de facto or otherwise) on the sole basis of her ("unexpected" ?) opinions, re: the GOP.

If we understand Liberty and free speech on here, the DP (or on any serious forum websites, for that matter) there's only one line drawn in the sand to be aware of and to respect as best as one can, really.


I think I remember even debating (to my OWN surprise !) against very-socialism-friendly(or convinced)-minded folks on here ... AFAIC, The Granger's opinions on how do politics are barely annoying compared to those, if one asks me !

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