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This is how I sold my parents on other stuff (mostly my dad)

They know the JFK assassination was a sham. They are coming around. It's obvious to their generation about JFK. But now they know why it happened.

Anyone who was an adult when JFK was assassinated would probably tell you it was a setup and all bullcrap and not a "conspiracy theory" but it was an actual conspiracy. But most people don't know why.

Unless I'm just in the bubble of people who know, I was taught JFK was assassinated by the elite when I was a child.

JFK spoke too many truths. He tried to do stuff the elite did not allow. That's what I was taught.

Maybe I'm wrong. But that's what I was taught. I did research and found his security ditched him about 30 seconds prior and even on msm they debunk a bunch of stuff. I found out about his plans for monetary policy and other ideas to be implemented as well.

Many prez and people of office had an attempted or completed assassination for speaking out for something radical or against TPTB or trying to get rid of banksters. I had a list of about 30 but I lost it.

JFK was one of if not the last good democrat prez. Actually since then we've pretty much been shafted regardless of party (they are all the same.) Reagan was okay but his war on drugs was and still is a catastrophe, although initiated by Nixon.

Nobody noticed so many good people speaking out get shot?

I can't find my list. It will take a few days. I may not have saved it. I'll make a new thread.