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There has been a tremendous "creep"

over the last 20-25 years - wherein offenses that were once state
misdemeanors have somehow morphed into federal "terrorism" crimes.

Talk about dumbing down - if you shoot up a stop sign because
you just want to blow the crap out of something it's probably a
misdemeanor under state jurisdiction. If you do the same thing
because you had some sort of political agenda you could have
the Federales coming down on you as a domestic terrorist...

It's pretty ironic that something like breaking a window may be
a huge federal deal based mainly on whether there was any
political intent behind it. This is not new, I'm pretty sure it dates
from the Clinton administration - they pushed the security
state envelope as much as they could.

(They never could manage something on the level of the Patriot Act,
but they did shove through a couple big "terrorism" bills in the wake
of the Oklahoma City bombing and the 1996 TWA 800 crash off Long Island)