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Liberty First, thank you for your thoughts.

I am sure that Tisha will make her comments and gratitude here today. I have become personal friends with her this year after hearing her speak to a Tea Party group, I was so impressed with her and wanted to help her. As I said in my post, her computer died and it has made communication difficult. She is not able to post to the Daily Paul with her phone and asked me to write a post for her asking for much needed funds for her last 1200 mile trip around her district. She is going to go to a Kinko's today for computer access.

As far as you being sensitive to some of my choices for words:

1. For many years on DP there is always a complaint as to the lack of women in this movement. I for one find that since she is a woman, she will bring other aspects to her job, which I see as a positive. I too am a woman, and know that I have my shortcomings, but I do not scream about being equal, as I know the unique qualities that both men and women possess and respect both men and women. I won't go into a generalized male bashing stereotype to match your female slur.

2. No, obviously I have not worshiped at the feet of Ayn Rand. I have personally seen the "sacrifices" that Tisha has made and take issue with your characterizing her motives for running for congress as a "purposeful act based on rational self-interest and a selfish rational act."

Hopefully people will feel led to lend a hand to the cause of electing honest, caring, intelligent individuals like Tisha to congress, because congress belongs to us all and we need to change it.