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Of course

belonging to one of those parties legitimizes the system. The Greens are just watermelons, commies using environmentalism to cloak their destruction of private property. Look at other countries where they have multiple parties, they are no freer. In some cases they are worse off. Politics is evil, only the political succeed. The rest of us are their cattle...just because we only want to be left alone.
This election season did it for me. There is ZERO hope of any liberty or security within a framework of statism. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Time to wake up from this mythology and face reality. We are on our own, the state does not protect anyone but other pols like them and the fatcats who pay them off to steal our property and productivity. Thinking you can back this barreling freight train of death and tyranny bac up by voting for johnson is naive in the extreme...or you are trolls trying to keep the Paulians distracted and playing their game.