Comment: Oh, Wow. OMG! I am struck, like lightening bolt to the heart

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Oh, Wow. OMG! I am struck, like lightening bolt to the heart

I feel humbled and grateful. Thank you BurningsiriusΩ™.

I am sorry to those who I offend, because I am not aiming to offend anyone. I care. I care about our Liberty, that comes from a government that protects our rights to be individuals and think for ourselves. I may not agree with the majority of people who believe or think voting FOR GJ, or writing in Ron Paul, will achieve the goal of materializing Ron Paul's message: RESTORE THE REPUBLIC <- THAT is how we advance LIBERTY.

I do not make any apology for my goal of materializing Ron Paul's message, or how I came to it, or how I advanced in the GOP, or what I did to get Ron Paul the nomination he didn't get, or voting Romney to keep my oath and hold him to the oath we all take to the constitution. To me, THIS is HOW we stop the monopoly, break the duopoly, by changing the half we can, the GOP, and we are accomplishing this.. we are winning, and if you don't believe me go to your local GOP meeting and see for yourself.

There is a lot of anger, resentment, frustraition, apathy, FEAR, doubt, hate, mis and dis-trust, insulting, name-calling, which is violent. Words can hurt. Truth can hurt. Truth can also make you laugh, it depends on which side of the truth you are on. So the downmarks and attacks do not hurt me, as they are not the truth, even when they have some truth. I am not angry, frustraited, apathetic, fearfull, doubtful, hateful, mis or distrusting, meaning to insult or call people names.. it's not what drives me to post.

It is my LOVE, for Ron Paul's message, a good fight, the Constitution, Truth, Liberty, Freedom, Sound Money, Smaller Government, free market, ending the fed, ending the police state, building more colleges and closing prisons with other solutions to non-violent crimes, ending war, advancing trade, ending the UN Agenda global government, giving people opportunity to make moral choices, reasonable choices, without government forcing us all into a box protected by layers or fraud, lies, robbery and personal injury crimes, and wars. If I don't step up, who will?

I had no idea what I was getting into, so I have shared my experience, not to gloat, but to inform and encourage people to GO SEE THE GOP YOURSELF. "Break down the wall". We are not done just because the nomination is over. WE ARE WINNING, and I want everyone here to experience that FOR REAL. I understand many can't and won't. By all means...PEACE and LOVE to you, be safe, be happy.

But for those who think they know what a GOP committee is, or don't know, or are afraid, or want to know, but think they won't fit in, they won't be liked, they will look and feel out of place, please try thinking of it like this: "There are some Ron Paul Republicans on that committee and I want to meet them, see if I can help..connect with Ron Paul, the campaign, learn about MY GOP, and have a cup of coffee". Then come to DP and tell us your experience. What happened? I bet we would hear a lot of funny stories because many believe or think of the GOP the way MSM has set us up. Don't fall for these set ups. God knows I fell for decades, and Ron Paul showed me the political light, and it's in the GOP.

I would have never guessed, so I don't blame anyone else who can't believe that.. but it's true. Go to your local GOP meeting, see for yourself and tell me I'm wrong then.

I thank everyone who has a kind words for me on this thread. I am humbled and Thank you for standing up for me, even though some diagree with me. May God Bless you abundantly and constantly,