Comment: Responses that reveal people's conditioning:

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Responses that reveal people's conditioning:

For Dr. Paul:

"We are on the same team, Romney wants the same things. Why won't you support Romney?".
"This is the most important election in our lifetime. If you don't support Romney you support Obama"
"Ron Paul would be great on monetary policy but he knows nothing about foreign policy or the military"
"I like what Ron Paul says but the country isn't ready for it"
"Libertarians would just leave people in the street"
"Ron Paul is weak on defense"
"If we gave state's rights we would still have slavery"
"We can't end the Fed. Gold backed currency doesn't work"
"We were attacked for our freedom on 9/11"
"Civil liberties? What, are you liberal?"

For Gary Johnson:

"Gov. of NM who left the state with greater than a $1B surpplus?"
"He climbed Everest?"
"He is an entrepreneur?"
"Drug laws protect people"
"We have to tax corporations, you can't let them operate without regulation"
"No one in the congress or senate would work with him"
"People are not ready for it (freedom)"
"Libertarians just want to cut, cut, cut, they offer no solutions"
"If we didn't bailout the banks (or industry) the country would have collapsed"
"You can't have free market healthcare, who would regulate it?"
"Gary Johnson,.. who?"

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo