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There is no question

about the effectiveness of cannabinoids (certain compounds in the plant) on various forms of cancer. Even the NIH (parent agency of DEA) has conceded this numerous times over the last few decades. Other countries have acknowledged this and in Germany, for example, a doctor will inject these compounds directly into certain types of tumors as part of the regular treatment. There is a lot of research done overseas and the results are extremely positive.

So why is there still doubt in the U.S. as to the effectiveness of marijuana in treating Cancer and other illnesses? Well, the DEA will only authorizes studies on addictiveness, abuse, etc since they do not recognize the medical benefits of marijuana (as a schedule I drug) even though their parent agency (NIH, FDA) has conceded its effectiveness. The DEA even acknowledged curative effects of marijuana, and instead criticize "smoked cannabis".

Politics over science. This is a major embarrassment for an entire bureaucracy, and nobody wants to admit that they were wrong. The mentality is that it is easier to ignore the problem than fix it. Not to mention the numerous industries who benefit from prohibition...