Comment: I was a little disappointed

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I was a little disappointed

I was a little disappointed in all the comments, below. I mean, ya, ya, Greta and all that, but I see nothing answering her question in a whole page.
So I am putting some stuff HERE.

First, Ron had The Best economic plan by FAR. Balancing the budget in his own first term and shrinking a bit of the Federal Behemoth. Hardly anyone can argue with this.

Second, he seemed to be the ONLY candidate that was talking about SAVING Social Security and Medicare in its basically original form, by cutting programs OVERSEAS. I loved that.

Third, he has never been involved in any shady things. The world leaders would trust him more than any other candidate, and so would The People, when they finally got to hear and understand him and the situation we are in as a country.
There are about 5 or six more reasons, but those are all I think she is worth.