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Comment: I make a point of buying smokes or alcohol

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I make a point of buying smokes or alcohol

at places where I have devoloped a relationship with the people. Most of the time I can go in and get a six pack or a pack of smokes if I don't have the long as I go by the next day and pay up.

I quit habitually drinking 3 years ago and only occasionally buy beer or go out to clubs. If anyone gives me a hard time now, I won't do business with them. (I'm 49 with a full grey beard)

Banks are where I really get bent. They film me while I'm at the window with the teller, they see me every week and they all know me, they have my liscense scanned into their computer, they have my thumb print on file, but if I don't have my DL with me...they refuse to cash any check. They say they must have it to input the DL number or they can't get past a certain screen...but can they not look up my DL? If I can verbally give them my DL would they input it and move on? No, they can't do that either because it's against the rules.

My wife still is unable to get her DL renewed. They are forcing the "Real ID" on her so I'm glad she can't get it but they will NOT give her a new DL without a new flavor of our marriage liscense.

We sent off $40 to Ga to get that and they accepted our money but said they could now release the new marriage certificate without a valid DL. Well now, isn't that special? Can't get a DL without a new marriage liscense and yet we can't get a new marriage liscense without a vaild DL???

Just by chance my DL is good until 2017 and it's not a Real ID. Real ID did not go into effect in FL until 2008 and I got "motorcycle also" added to mine in 2007 which renewed it and made it good for another 10 years.

Most of the people that own quick marts/liquor stores/cigar shops in this area are from india or columbia. Most are very cool and once they know you they don't bother you. (if your exceptionally "cool" like me) :) lol.