Comment: The Commission on Presidential Debates

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The Commission on Presidential Debates

is just another scapegoat for the political problem in this country. I don't like the mandatory 15% in five national polls either. If I could have my way, I'd make it so that all a candidate had to get is three percent in three national polls along with being on the ballot in enough states to win the electoral college. But, it's not like third parties thrived back when the League of Women Voters ran the thing. This isn't some modern conspiracy by the two parties to keep it a two-party system.

The reason we're a two-party system and always will be is because of the fact that all local, state, and Congressional elections are winner take all. Minority parties cannot thrive in that kind of environment. It's just the way the American electoral system was set up from the beginning. First it was the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans, then the Democrats and the Whigs, and then the Republicans and Democrats. If you want to waste your life pursuing senseless nonsense like this, have fun.