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I asked the imaging

I asked the imaging business's clerk checking me in, who was requiring them to ask to have my drivers license scanned. The woman replied the federal government was who was requiring it. If what you say is true, then she lied to me.

The other day I went to an ophthalmologist. I was referred by another doctor. The clerk asked for my driver's license so she could scan it. I said no, she couldn't scan it, but she could look at it. She said no it wasn't necessary to see it. The other people at the desk checking in all handed over their driver's licenses to be scanned.

And since you've added your expertise, what's with nurse practitioners assuming I'm a drug addict all of a sudden? My doctor's office is filled with nurse practitioners and physician assistants who come and go regularly. Bad vibes all around in there.

And don't get me started on Bill Clinton's HIPAA. That's when I noticed this down hill slope.