Comment: Jesus never wanted to be worshipped. He came to show

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Jesus never wanted to be worshipped. He came to show

the WAY. Christianity is an organized religion built on many human introduced doctrines. No human should WORSHIP anything, but rather give honor to God the creator, and attempt to establish a conscious connection with God's intelligence in the universe through quiet mediation.

Jesus incarnated as a highly aware human, and he continues to be a Master Being of Light in the higher realms, helping those who seek his guidance. His incarnation was God’s gift, a way of helping to hasten the return to awareness of those who are trapped in the physical dimension of Earth and reincarnating endlessly because of karma.

Most humans come to the Earth plane for the experience and forget there is a higher realm. They lose their conscious connection to God. We are meant to be as it was in the Garden of Eden, speaking with God and receiving guidance all the time. Many children are being born today who have this conscious connection with God, as Jesus did. We are meant to evolve to this stage of consciousness and beyond.

Jesus was a highly evolved and highly aware human, the prototype of what we are all meant to become as we evolve. He was sent as an example and a guide to show the way.

Jesus had a physical body that he referred to as “the son of man”. He also speaks of his soul, “the son of God” which was his connection to God intelligence or Christ Consciousness. He did not lose his God connection in coming here. He is the forerunner of the new children being born, who retain their Christ Consciousness or connection to God.

His advice to us was, “Seek and you will find.” You will find what you seek in your heart. If you honestly seek God, the door will open and you will regain your God connection or Christ Consciousness, as Jesus did.