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Comment: The principles and patterns...

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The principles and patterns...

... of the Creator are written into nature (and the conscience) for all humanity to observe. (See Paul in Romans, etc.)

It is therefore no shock that multiple groups of people at different times have observed the cycles of nature and transposed these patterns into stories of dying gods who are raised to life again, Odin, the corn-king, etc.

The exciting part is realizing that what these mere stories and shadows captured, was supplanted by the arrival into actual history of THE Corn-King, the Myth become Reality, who actually was God Incarnate, who demonstrated this by actually dying and being raised again, appearing to many in the early church (not just the apostles).

The shadows were supplanted by the Real. Kudos to the ancients for at least being atuned to what God had written into nature, even if they did not fully understand it.