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You must be the 50th person I've heard make

that kind of statement. First of all, there isn't going to be any crash in the next four years. Secondly, if you feel so strongly that there's going to be a crash in the next four years, why did you support Ron Paul. If Ron Paul had been elected and the crash came, people would for sure blame the free market. Thirdly, let's suppose Obama gets reelected and "The Crash"TM does come. FDR got elected in 1932 running against the free market. The economy improved at a snail's pace and he got reelected in a landslide in 1936. The economy crashed in 1937 and by 1940, the country was no better than it was when FDR first took office in '32 and still FDR won a third term by a landslide.

Now. Can you point out to me ONE time in history where there was an economic crash that caused people to turn to the free market? I'm a history major and I can't think of one.