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...I just don't feel inclined to spend an hour listening to an interview that I don't feel would be worth the time. I have other, more productive things to do (for the record, I own neither an iPhone nor HALO, and in fact most of my "down time" is spent following current events or studying history), and I'm spending enough time as it is responding to this.

Rome persecuted Christians. It's a historical fact; the idea that Rome invented it seems rather silly. Just because two sequences of events seem vaguely similar in no way serves as any indication that they represent the same thing. Christians refused to worship the Roman emporer as a god, which was the main reason they were persecuted. Jesus is a historical figure; we have more proof of His existence (regardless of your opinion of His divinity or lack thereof) as a person than at least one Roman emperor (Tiberius, if I'm not mistaken). To claim that the entire New Testament is a metaphor for some Roman officials also seems silly - regardless of its inconsistency with actual history, what on Earth would the purpose of such a thing be? I'm asking this as a legitimate question, BTW, not as a rhetorical one.

For the record; when Jesus said He would return before that generation had died, He was indeed referring to the invasion in 70 AD, and Revelation very well could be, though it's so confusing that it's hard to tell. However, Jesus obviously did not mean He was returning as a human being. That comes later - He made it clear when he gave the parables discussing being prepared for the End and stated that only the Father knows. Obviously, Jesus knew when the invasion would happen, but He does not know when the true End will happen.

One last thing - I want to apologize for being so sarcastic in my first comment. I sometimes allow myself to get carried away while writing, and it's far too easy to be snarky over the Internet. If you would be willing to summarize the main points in the interview in a post (doesn't matter if it's long or short, I'm a fast reader), I would like to continue discussing it, provided we both remain civil.