Comment: You must be a very wealthy

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You must be a very wealthy

You must be a very wealthy man, since you can predict when crashes will occur and when they will not. I wish I had your foresight!

I can name several examples. Coolidge won in a landslide in 1924 despite a depression in the first part of Harding's term. FDR did not "run against the free market" in 1932. He was all things to all people. Some his speeches foreshadowed the New Deal but his Pittburgh speech on the eve of the 1932 is a blistering attack on Hoover's big government record. Voters responded to the post-WWII recession by electing a Republican Congress that ran against big government. Finally, Reagan won during the high unemployment/high inflation election of 1980 running as a free market candidate.

It is true that FDR won in 1940 but he took a beating in the off year elections of 1938 and a conservative Congress helped keep him in check for the rest of his time in office. Had FDR run in 1938, he probably would have lost.