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I have not insisted

I have said many times, DO WHAT YOU WANT.. However, I am going to hold up my position, because to me, this is fight or flight time.. those who fight, remain in the GOP where the fight to restore the Republic, where Ron Paul kept it, Rand Paul is doing well, the campaign and many of the national delegates, and seated committee members, are doing what ever it takes to remian doing things by Roberts Rules of Order, GOP by-laws, constitutionally, keeping our oaths and exercising the one to the constitution, for that is where liberty comes from.

If you don't want to fight, and goodness there are many reasons here why people refuse to fight but rather flight to another candidate or a write-in whether Ron Paul is qualified or not. To vote Obama or to not vote,, all of that is running away from the fight and spending the rest of the election looking for the next body surfing event, or sign wave. Ron Paul has brought us past that.. but if that's where you want to be.. by all means, enjoy it.