Comment: Safety in numbers?

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Safety in numbers?

Unless one is a multi-millionaire, attempting to do what he is suggesting will be very questionable imo.

People around the world are not stupid. With communications information on conditions in almost any country will be soon found out. Once people and governments abroad know that people are seeking refuge from a previously well off country they will get worse treatment because the political jurisdiction they just fled from will not really give a damn about their situation and will be left high and dry in my view.

The West and America has not really done a satisfactory job in PR lately along with the arrogance towards less developed countries.

Anything can happen like the guy said, but unless you have relatives or very, very, good friends abroad it could be more risky than remaining.

This is not like immigrants flowing from Europe to America ante-WWII. Those cultures and heritages and religions were very close or the same. ie. his Thailand example

Well, things should still be somewhat ok for a couple more years... I do agree with this sentiment. Once and if a war starts, then the meter will start running I think. ie. scarcity, regs., etc.