Comment: The Theology of Ideology

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The Theology of Ideology

Burning™ - “do not respond unless you have something of substance to say”'ll have to let me know if I've met your requirements.

Maybe you're misinterpreting what you read in the many comments that disagree with the Granger. Perhaps it's simply her theocratic approach to ideology. Or it could be that she best represents, to many here apparently, a pathway to a dead end - by taking the path of working within the system. Many contend the road map no longer guides. They point out that that energy expended in this pseudo-journey is wasted. Some even contend that energy expended in this manner strengthens the system. Count me among them. If you don't see it this way, you don't see it this way. You might even figure working within the system can't hurt – effectively washing your hands with some derivative of Pascal’s Wager.

Empirical signposts refute the validity of this 'voting is relevant' paradigm, and they are legion. In the end Ron Paul himself openly states his disgust for contemporary American politics. It's not taking his words out of context to quote him as saying, “it's not my party... it's a one party system... no, I won't endorse Obamny.” Granger in-turn, could find many things Dr. Paul has said that to support her beliefs. But at this point in history, pulling the levers of federal voting machinery will not stop this storm. A hard rain's gonna fall.