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What do they KNOW about dead ends?

I am working in my second year of being a Republican. I spent 17 years in the Libertarian Party, that has it's own battles, and 16 years as an independent working with Nader, who never belonged to any party, on ballot access and open debates. I've done more than my share of petitions, third party and Indy campaigning for what Ron paul has intived us into the GOP.. So we're off the streets now and some folks don't want to leave the street. OK.

Meanwhile, Ron paul Republicans are showing up at GOP meetings, and we are learning despite the broken bones, lying, cheating, censorship, we are not going to bail,, we can take it, because we have a message FREEDOM IS POPULAR, we have a goal, RESTORE THE REPUBLIC, and we have the inspiration of Ron Paul to build a better GOP, a better America, a better world.. until the sky falls, we will build anyways.