Comment: Same problems here.

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Same problems here.

I am 28 years old, and live in Lubbock, Texas. My drivers license expired about 6 months ago. Almost immediately, I was unable to buy alcohol or smokes, because my "DL is expired." It is infuriating. I have an ID with my picture on it, but it is "expired", as if I am suddenly magically not the age the document says.
Recently, I attempted to renew my DL online, and was given a message that I must renew it in person (no reason given). The DL office here is FAMOUS for the horrific wait times (hours), and they are only open when I am working or in class (sometimes I may have an hour or so, but nowhere close to enough time). People literaly have spent "the afternoon" in there.
Twice I have decided to bite the bullet and take some extra time to go to the DMV, and both times I felt like I was in a soviet boot factory. Probably close to 50 people (no exageration) waiting in a small room, and the stench was horrible. People were standing like crowds on a bus, smashed in like livestock spilling into the entry hall of the building so that you couldn't even enter the room. I left without getting a new DL twice now, and I have since made the decision not renew my license and deal with the consequences. I now drive to a store halfway across town for smokes, where the people already know me and don't card me, and on the few occasions I go out to drink with people, it is simply a crapshoot on whether they notice my DL is expired or not.