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Comment: Again, thank you Ron Paul

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Again, thank you Ron Paul

The only person in this whole confused country who can put his finger on what the problem is and communicate that problem to those who are lucky enough to be able to hear what he has to say.

He has been the only one giving me hope in my lifetime. I turned 62 yesterday, I cannot believe how old I am getting. I have been working on changing foreign policy since I was in high school. I will keep trying to change things, and it's great to have a few million people who feel the same way also working on this.

Getting the internet really helped. Do not let them take that away.

I believe the major problems started in the early 1900's, with the fed and the IRS. Those are the major obstacles I've noticed in my life. Also the draft, do not let them restart the draft. The draft is really bad, even though I am shocked at how many people enlist to go to these horrible, endless wars.