Comment: I rather trust my local produce farmer

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I rather trust my local produce farmer

than the BS of this illuminist, wrapped up in anarcho-libertarian Jolly Roger flag financial speculator, who probably never had a real job in his life.Yet,another one of those gamblers that are running around the world,you see them ever so often on the TV,mesmerizing the suckers,looking for an easy pray willing to surrender some of their hard earned cash to their pan.
If you pay close attention to his speech (and bunch of other similar speeches) you will hear hardly anything of real value,except the bragging of a self centered cynical rich old fart living next to his Polo Club in a third world broke Argentina.No allegiances folks, to you me,or anyone else,the only worship here paid is to the Golden Calf. I very much doubt that this guy will make it for more that 3 days on the streets of Buenos Aires with no money, no place to stay, and no highly placed friends in the US to call.
Talking class and refinement,taste.. to the.... chimpanzees,implying at the same time to the innocent student girl from the suckers crowd that if she really is so dumb and doesn't know how roll the dice like him to make a buck,she may as well roll down her pants.You may as well go and deposit your gold coins directly with this his safe deposit box in Argentina and give him the key.! He will guard them...devious ,arrogant fat cat!
After this swan song,I wish Casey and his followers reincarnate, after a good hell fry, instead of Chicago in the 40's in the former Soviet Union,so I can send them a greeting card from promised land named America.

Beware folks, in those last days you will hear many of false preachers, megaphone clowns and lackeys.Just think about it for a second, with several million dollars in the bank you can be anything....RP supporter-donor,anarchist,a commie,monarchist,synarchist you name it.Those Pinokios noses are so long they can smell your cash from afar.You see, even Kevin Trudeau-the clown was better,way more entertaining, he was giving something of value to the suckers down bellow, how to stay away from the GMo garbage food in WalMa that is.
As the late Bill Cooper used to say-"Read everything,listen to everyone-trust absolutely nothing, and no one unless you have checked the facts and proved it for yourself".