Comment: Happened to me last week...

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Happened to me last week...

Went to refill a CO2 container (make my own soda at home) ... the young lady at the register asked me for my birth date in order to complete our transaction... keep in mind I'm now holding MY CO2 container w/ the gas they've filled it with. I had half a mind to just walk out and throw my 4 FRNs on the counter... you're not gonna keep me from taking MY container home and if you want your FRNs for the gas, take 'em.

But, instead of being a d*ck (I was wearing a Ron Paul shirt, as usual), I asked her why. She said "the computer makes us enter it" and "cause of story policy". I said "I'm over 30... do I really look like a minor?", but she responded "I have to enter a date"... so I said "fine. lets make it January 1st, 1980" while kinda half laughing and rolling my eyes.

I mean seriously, what the hell is with all this. I've been to stores that demand zip codes or personal info or phone numbers and I just blatantly lie. I say things like "Okay, fine, my phone number is 555-1234". ... What's the point? You know I'm giving you fake information, so why are we doing this stupid dance? Why should I need to carry a DRIVER'S LICENSE (which btw is total bullsh*t in and of itself) if I'm not in the act of DRIVING? Hell I got carded a month ago for an R rated movie!!! To prove I'm 18??? Are you kidding me? What if I just didn't have my driver's license with me that day cause I came w/ a friend who drove instead of me? Now as a grown man I wouldn't be able to watch an R rated movie? Sh*t is getting out of control.

Ridiculous. ... /end rant