Comment: Thank I apologise

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Thank I apologise

No one is insignificant.. if there is not way to gt you a committee, no way to become a delegate, no way to be a guest and explaining your sign.. by all means, way that sign.. maybe they will look, but more than anything, they will smirk.. I'm sorry.

What concerns me, is that there are open seats and opportunities being passed by because of what people think, not what they KNOW about their local GOP. I sincerely encourage everyone to go see for yourself.. you may find four Ron paul Republicans there controlling the committee and happy to have you come in and wave signs for parades, events.. where people won't smirk.

We can take the GOP, but folks have to get over the wonds and step up to the fight. It's a good fight. WE ARE WINNING. You've got to go SEE to believe. See it, then say what you saw.