Comment: How we end the fraud

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How we end the fraud

We have to go inside to end the fraud. We need to occupy at least one party, the GOP, and politically move to end the fraud, as RESTRORING THE REPUBLIC.

Many good people have been fighting for open debates and ballots. That was the bottom line of Ralph Nader's campaigns. When peititoning for ballot access I would ask, "Do you believe an Independent has the RIGHT to be on the ballot?" People would say, "YES!" "Do you believe debates should include Independent and third party candidates?" Most people would say, "YES!" "Would you sign this petition to get Independent candidate Ralph Nader on the ballot and into the debates?" Republicans ROTFLTAO. Independents and third party members would sign and be grateful, "I was hoping I would see you guys" (I was not a professional petititoner, they refused to work because of the Democrats) The Democrats were so brutal, so enraged and opposed, and that included half the green party, which split, kinda like the "liberty Movement" is now split by those in the GOP and those who "Really like Ron Paul BUT", except there was no computer screen between us. and they broke bones, and arms, and harrassed us merciless. They wanted to wipe us off the face of America. False arrests, vandalized, complained to stores, police, would go into fits and scream enraged what we were doing to Gore, and the MSM censorship was way worse, we had Meet-up, which was free back then..but we did not have political committees in place that could carry out the platform and actually deliver open debates and ballots.

Ron Paul's solution is simple in a profound way.. you have to empty your head of negative second thoughts, hate, anger, revenge, bigotry, prejudice, doubt, and fill it with LOVE for self, others, country, freedom, liberty, sound money, Roberts Rules of Order, the Constitution, government organization, how it works, why it works despite it not working.. who's who, why and what's the local and state solution under constitutional law, and the local and state problem under international bankers Inc laws.

Once we have the GOP, and able to Restore the Republic, it might be very hard to give up these corrupt laws being we have the power and it's giving up that power// I think that will be the hardest part of this good fight. That's why it's important to show up and keep the fire buring for Liberty.

People need to stop thinking they know the GOP and check out their local GOP and see all the opportunity they have to open debates and ballots by showing up and being counted.