Comment: With respect to his service and family.

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With respect to his service and family.

When he walked amongst us, I was very critical of his political stance. Many letters and calls were made expressing my profound distrust and disagreance in almost all of his political leanings. I have always considered him as one of the "poster boys" of bad politics. And indeed he was.

On this day of his passing, I do not feel the need to berate him. He will do us no further harm now.

In his passing, I think it appropriate to remember the good and honorable moments of his life.

Arlen Spector had a family that he loved and whom loved him.
A Veteran, he served honorably as a First Lieutenant in the US Air Force during the Korean War.

Sadly, that is all the good I could find in his life and service to the Republic; and for today that is what I will remember of him. Respect for his family and his military service is my choice, albiet only for this one day.

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