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Odd, it's only misinterpretation of anything in christianity...

...that can be used for political control. Despite my lack of general orthodoxy, I am devoutly christian, and I see nothing in my faith that lends itself to political control. Romans 13 teaches me to honor the true law and ruler of my land (the Constitution), and Christ teaches me to render unto Caesar only what is Caesar's, and to god what is god's.

As our government is in direct conflict with the proper law and authority of the US, I owe it no allegiance or obedience. I walk in christian liberty to do as I will while causing no harm or offense to my neighbors around me, who are free to walk in whatever liberty they recognize.

I am told to come out of Babylon lest I find guilt in her sins, so short of writing in a vote for Paul, I will not partake in the atrocities of either Obama or Romney by voting for one over the other.

A tool of political control? Only when the sheep aren't familiar with the works themselves and merely listen to their blind shepards - and as we know, when the blind leads the blind, they both stumble into a pit.