Comment: I did buy them and the DP has

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I did buy them and the DP has

I did buy them and the DP has proof of that because I went thru the DP link. Anyways, what did you tell me before?

Those books were not going to get read by me anytime soon...I had already had them for a month or more. I don't know when I got them but I sent you a note to tell you I did. You did not reply. At least that is what I am remembering. Maybe I never sent you a note.

The only thing I can remember is the statement that Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies. I had seen that many times on the DP before but did not know that it came out of the Preface of Manifesto.

Anyways, maybe I did not waste those books. Why would you say that? Maybe it will make a difference in the Colorado Tea Party. This guy has Ron Paul friends in the Tea Party. They were mad at him from what my husband told me after the CO caucus. The Tea Party Guy likes RP except his foreign policy. The guy is 25 years military officer retired...what do you expect? He even said that our nation has to do whatever it takes to make us safe including things that are not nice...

Anyways I want to know what you already told me so I will know. I can't remember stuff well. I have had multiple surgeries and chemo and am approaching 50 so my mind is not what it used to be. Sorry I cannot remember. Thanks :)