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Partially correct.

The Holocaust(tm) was invented to create Israel.

To this day there exists no shred of credible evidence that even a single Jew was gassed. Think I'm wrong? Find me a photo of a Nazi gas chamber. And no, I'm not talking about a bomb shelter with the walls knocked out and a fake chimney that's not even attached to the building. I mean a real gas chamber. You can't, because they never existed. It's a LIE.

But you are correct that the Zionists used innocent lives as fodder (as they still do to this day). The Zionists cared not one iota whether the Jews, or anyone else, died in the concentration camps (many of them did in fact die of Typhus). The only concern was to generate sympathy to establish the state of Israel once the war was over. The Zionists had already tried to propagate the 6 million myth in 1919 before the Nazis even existed (See: and failed, but this time they could offer "proof" of a holocaust; after the war, forged documents, confessions extracted via torture, creative "reconstructions" and a hefty dose of guilt were used to manipulate the masses (including Jews themselves) into believing that the Jews needed a safe haven, far away from the evil barbarians that wanted to "exterminate" them. And thus Israel, the racist, collectivist nation founded on a lie, was born.